How my strengths affect my educational philosophy?

If I had to sum up what my educational philosophy was in a simple statement it would be this: Every student has the right to a safe learning environment that utilizes their unique strengths and abilities.

In order to achieve this objective to the best of my ability, I must use my own strengths to build the community culture that allows students to flourish. I believe that all of my strengths can directly apply to how I will create my own ideal classroom.

By being an achiever, I will consistently be reflecting on my teaching styles. This type of reflection is necessary for professional growth, and reflection and goal setting are primary aspects of having the strength of an achiever. It will also help me to have this strength because it will influence how my classroom is set up since I will always be setting more goals for how my classroom should look and feel.

Being a lifelong learner will also attribute to my future success as an educator. I believe the most profound way will come in the form of always striving to understand my profession and my students in a new and deeper way. This circles back to what I referenced earlier about the importance of self reflection. I need to constantly analyze what can be improved upon in my classroom, and this will help me to decide what I need to learn more about. Learning can take place in many forms, whether it is PLCs, readings, lectures, workshops, or communicating with the students and parents.

Relators tend to enjoy making connections with people. I believe this will help me to understand my students. By understanding who my students are, which includes what their interests are, their backgrounds, their cultures, their goals, I will be able to find new ways to relate the curriculum to them and spark their interest.

By having the strength of significance, I wish to push my students to achieve something great because once they have, I will too. I wish to pressure them into becoming greater than they ever had imagined themselves to be. In order to instill the confidence in them they will need to achieve what they set their mind to, I will be creating assignments for them that require them to set goals, steps to reach their goals, and we will have class discussions about time-management and goal tracking.

Having discipline is very beneficial when being a teacher. I like things to be well-organized, timely, and efficient; this is no different than how I expect my classroom to run. I feel that if the students understand the point behind my structure, they will feel the classroom is more consistent; therefore, they will feel more safe to learn and develop their strengths.

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